Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's not easy being green

Hiya Ma!

I know I'm not going to get any yard work sympathy from you (or any of our Arizona peeps) because we get all this bee-yoo-tee-full green and I haven't seen even one scorpion but I still gotta say:
It's a jungle, y'all.

The entrance to our driveway. You can see it if you look real hard. Ahem, it's a little overgrown.

I know there is something pretty to be made from all of this green-er-ation but I just can't see it yet. This "thicket" that separates the yard from the street is so overgrown that, even though the house is on a little hill, you can't see the house from the street.

The gravel driveway. The house is behind there somewhere...
 This is the driveway. It's got some potential, too. This photo was taken about 6 weeks ago. Now, the branches and foliage have grown all the way across (you can see they're starting to meet up in this picture) and there's a canopy that scrapes my roof as I drive under it. We kinda like the gravel driveway, all homey and crunchy, and since there won't be any dinero for paving that bad boy for a while, I'm glad we like it.

But I gotta wonder what it'll be like clearing snow off of it. With our small commuter cars, this is going to be interesting!

We might have to invest in an old truck sooner than we thought, Ma!

Look Ma!

My first post. Very exciting!

The boys and I named our new home MulberryHill House. We brainstormed it's name in, like, 2 minutes. Here is how we came up with it:
There's a mulberry tree in the front yard. The property is on a hill.


I know, we are a deep and thoughtful people.

Houses should be named, right? You know, until this one we usually referred to current and previous homes by it's street name with "house" after it. Now, if MulberryHill House was on a street with a lovely name like Chestnut or Laurel we'd have just gone with that. However, our house and it's (almost) three beautiful acres sits on a country lane with the most dry, basic, geographically accurate street name ever. Without gift wrapping my home address for all the axe-murderers, picture: North 487th East Avenue

MullberryHill House. Way better.

Whaddya think, Ma?!

Smooches and Squeezes,