Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiny Corner Makeover

Mama, you've been here. You know what I"m talking about:

Oy with the switch plates, already.

And the telephone plates and cable nubbins, too. (I don't care if they're called co-ax thingies, Dear Brothers Jay & Johnny. They look like nubbins to me.)

Mulberry House is not lacking for connectivity; there are wall plates everywhere.

I wanted to pretty up a little, bitty corner of the counter bar area with a framed painting. But, right where I wanted to hang it, there was an obstacle:

I could deal with the double light switch and the quad-outlet but that dumb telephone plate was bugging the crap outta me. I looked into taking it off the wall but it was all funk-ily wired and I didn't feel like messin' with all that.

So, I covered it up.

I had some black and white checkered fabric and, just like the ribbon trim on the lamp, I wanted a tea stain. I cut a strip about 4 inches wide and  2 feet long and used the watered down craft paint to stain it. After it dried, I cut it in half and used part for a floppy bow and part for a tail. The tail part I used to cover up that dumb telephone plate.
You can barely see it in this picture, Ma, but I used my trusty hot glue gun to adhere a thin piece of wire to each long side of the tail:

I wanted to be able to scrunch it up and wrestle it into place to hide the plate.

Then, I attached the bow to the wall above the painting and I used the wire ends of the tail to attach it to the top screw of the dumb telephone plate.
I used a couple of strips of double-sided masking tape on the the face of the plate to make the tail stick.

And, abracadabra (or hocus-ka-pocus, like Nette says! Hi Nette!):

framed floral oil painting with checkered ribbon bow and tail

The Tiny Corner, just the tiniest bit made-over:

floral oil painting with checkered ribbon bow and peek-a-boo lamp with checkered trim

Smooches and Squeezes, Mama!

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  1. My favorite line of this post....."we are not lacking for connectivity here" :) You are such a funny writer and I love your tiny corner makeover :)


    1. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and your sweet comments, Karianne!

  2. Brilliant way to hide that phone jack! You're a hoot, love reading your posts. :) You might want to turn off the word verification- it took me 3 tries to get it right on the last post! Wish me luck on this one! ;)

    1. Thanks so much for that heads-up, Shelia, I didn't realize word verification was on. What a major pain!
      And, thanks for hanging in there and posting a comment, they sure make my day!

  3. Looks good! Why is your jar empty?


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