Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to E! (And some campy stuff, too!)

A little family update here and then we'll be back to making a mess and telling all about it.
First up:

My E. is the big One Two, y'all!

Hola Nana! You like this look, no?!

E. has had the most long and drawn-out birthday celebration ever. From the pre-birthday dinner with Daddy during his May R&R break, to his actual birthday dinner a couple a couple of weeks ago at Mr.Mambo's (ole!), to the upcoming birthday fiesta with Nana and the cousins in July. Wowza!

Then, there was camp week. Two boys, two different camps. Same week. During The Move.
Bring it on!

E. was off to Scout camp first.

One cool cat.

I'm not putting any pictures of the camp setup or any group shots here because I'm not sure our fellow Scout's parents want their kids' mugs up on the interwebs. You understand.

The next morning Z. left for church camp with the youth group.

Get ready to board the Party Bus! (...for Church camp.)
Seriously, 3 hours of Phase 10 games sounds like a blast to me.

My babies! What the living heck happened to my cute, little, squishy babies?!
Yeah, yeah, Mom. I know. They're big boys now, don't embarrass them.

Sometimes I just can't help myself with all the gushing. I sure do love those boys!

Smooches and Squeezes,

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